Ready to be ready?


We are who we want to be and fair words and foul deeds cheat wise man as well as foods:).I want to be  something in this life,I want you know me.I’m pretending the truth in lie.For me the appealing dualism is about the reality and imagination. The fantasy is everlasting. Use your beneficial nerve cell and do anything for you first time!Real world is like the new boss who wants IMPOSSIBLE and says just one single thing:Finish the work,finish the work.You spend more time,work harder and harder and when you finally finish the work he doesn’t thanks you asking for more;).I’m certain that the imagination is like a train,like a plane.It’s my road to came back in Heaven. It’s what I call home.
Now I choose to write the 21th century’s generation.We are the generation with super powers🙌😎 and we ask for what is ours.Mind you!Dumb is never cute.Let’s be daydreamers and nightthinkers,just for fun🎊.
Ergo…even if the miracle take time and never give up on your integrity.Integrity has no rule…still.
Live your life and don’t forget a journey is a hospital for feelings.

ready to be yourself


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